During birth women lose 10-12% of their circulating blood supply. Some people believe the human placenta is designed to be consumed by the new mother to make up for this loss by replacing essential fats, proteins, iron and essential hormones. Placenta capsules can be made for you from your own placenta. They may help your body recover more quickly, improve lactation and raise your energy levels. A placenta smoothie immediately after birth might also be beneficial, and in Charlotte's experience will taste of delicious fruit and nothing more. See for more benefits and remedies. 


If you are interested in benefitting from all the goodness found within your placenta, contact us for more details prior to the delivery of your baby. We can collect and prepare your placenta for you. 

Simple/TCM Capsules £200

Raw Smoothie £30

Placental Tincture £45 when ordered with capsules or £70 separately

Placental Print £10

Homeopathy 30c and 7c £60

Placental Essence £25 when ordered with capsules or £50 separately



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