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I have wanted to be a midwife ever since I was a little girl, growing up on my Grandmother's enchanting birth stories from her own midwifery career.

I first qualified as a nurse at St Bartholomew's Hospital in the mid 90's, and then as a midwife at King's College London. Since then I have worked at many of London's large maternity hospitals, as well as eight years at the Birth Unit in St John's Wood, alongside Rachel and Charlotte. My career has also given me the opportunity to work around the world gaining insight into a variety of different birth practises. I am also an Examination of the Newborn Practitioner.

Currently, I work part-time as a midwife at a large teaching hospital, and at Tommy's, the baby charity offering advice and emotional support from pre conception to birth.


I know that every birth is a miracle. I relish the opportunity of lifelong learning and the great pleasure granted to midwives to nurture and support women on their journeys into Motherhood. Recently I completed my Certificate in Midwifery Acupuncture so I can treat women for a variety of conditions antenatally, in preparation for birth, in labour and the postnatal period. I have a passion for this complementary therapy because I know first hand how much it benefitted me in both my pregnancies.


My own births have only enhanced my desire to provide the best support possible to women and their families during pregnancy and birth.

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