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Our 1-1 antenatal sessions for expectant parents are a fantastic way for you and your partner to focus during the lead up to birth and before the arrival of your new baby. They are suited to everyone whether you are hoping for an intervention free, physiological birth or  you are choosing to have an elective caesarean section.


The personally tailored classes will offer you the opportunity to  develop an understanding of the process of labour and birth along with informing and preparing you for the transition to parenthood.

Our course topics will include, managing early labour at home, options for pain relief,  the practicalities of birthing whether that be physiologically or by caesarean section, infant feeding and coping with a new baby. We will support you with practical help that draws on our wealth of midwifery experience. We want you to finish feeling confident to make the decisions that are right for you as a couple so that you can begin to think about your very own BIRTHTALE.

 Information will always be evidence based, unbiased and will draw on the 20+ years of experience of the midwife that works with you.

We would envisage a session like this being around 4-5 hours and would recommend that you think about scheduling a class for sometime in the third trimester (after 28 weeks gestation)



1-1 classes : £125/hr weekdays or £150/hr evenings or weekend

Young Couple Expecting
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