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The  birth preparation session was honestly the best thing we have done so far on the run-up to the birth of our baby.  It was extremely practical, thorough and efficient.  Rachel answered all of our questions and no stone was left unturned.  More importantly, it was great fun and we had plenty of laughs!” 

A very happy mother-and-father-to-be - 2019


“Rachel’s advice was so positive and empowering.  It was like receiving a motivational speech before a football match!”  

A proud father-to-be - 2019

"Everyone should receive the first aid training. It's amazing how much you don't know and how much peace of mind it provides. I can't recommend it highly enough."

Serena - November 2018

"Having one to one classes allowed me to ask all my stupid questions in private. It also enabled us to focus on what I was most worried about. Rachel was knowledgeable, no nonsense and incredibly patient."

Serena - November 2018

Thank you for being such an inspiring set of women

Laura, @the_holistic_doula - October 2018

Thank you so much for the consultancy. It was amazing and made us feel so reassured and gave us a real confidence boost!

Huge thanks again, Rachel,  for your wonderful wisdom and guidance.

Orlaith - August 2018

I think in a world of information overload and conflict, I trust your guidance as my source of truth!

Kim - August 2018

We went to see Charlotte when a midwife thought our daughter may have a tongue tie as breastfeeding was extremely hard for us. 


Charlotte was amazing. More than any of the breastfeeding specialists we had seen at that point she gave us the clear and expert advice and reassurance we needed to decide to have our daughter’s tongue tie cut. 


The procedure itself was done so quickly and efficiently that there wasn’t even time for a first time mum like me to get upset! 


My husband and I cannot recommend Charlotte highly enough. Having your first baby is an incredibly challenging time for every parent and I know I wouldn’t still be breastfeeding my 9 week old daughter if it wasn’t for Charlotte’s support. 

Catherine - July 2018

Being an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist myself, I wasn’t very much interested in going to antenatal classes. However, I was recommended by one of my colleagues to get in touch with Birthtale. Best decision ever! I can only pass on this piece of advice to anyone looking for some individual, tailor-made and professional support from very experienced and open-minded midwifes; antenatally, in labour and postnatally! Rachel has been looking after us in a fantastic way – visiting us on a daily basis for the first 7 days after birth was wonderful as we had all sorts of questions during that time – she gave us great advice and it helped us being super relaxed and enjoying our time with the new addition from the beginning on!

My husband and I also highly recommend the first-aid course led by all the three wonderful Birthtale-midwives -  it was such an interesting and important course and we feel all parents, grandparents, nannies etc should be visiting one!

Well done and thanks so much again to all of you!

Tanja - May 2018

We had both antenatal and then first-aid classes with Rachel and I can absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about birth and babies in a private, friendly atmosphere and with some personal touch. Rachel brought a lot of visual aids to the class and explained everything in greater detail, besides we could ask a million of questions that we had. And I believe we might need more help and advice in the future, so we will definitely stay in touch!

Zoya - Feb 2018

We found Charlotte’s style both honest and balanced and that gave us huge confidence and reassurance in these early days. I often think back to her advice when I’m a bit stumped for what to do and have had no hesitation recommending the course to others based on Charlottes teaching. 

Carrie - Feb 2018

Anna is a lovely person and very passionate about her job. She was giving me relaxation and later, pre birth acupuncture treatments when I was 9 months pregnant. During that time I found her caring and knowledgeable and her treatments effective and uplifting.

Monica - December 2017

I started acupuncture with Anna at around 35/40 weeks, mainly for relaxation.  I had planned to go to turn my breech baby, but it turned itself the weekend before so that was good.  I have found Anna to be professional and reassuring, the acupuncture beneficial in that I am sleeping better after my sessions, and my feet are less swollen at the end of the day. As my pregnancy has progressed it has become more high risk so I will be induced at 41/40.  Anna has started preparing me for birth and, although too early to tell, I'm hoping this will mean that I can avoid induction and go into spontaneous labour – or at least be favourable to the process.

Sarah-Ann - Nov 2017

I'm one week on since having a baby girl. My labour was quick and I feel this was largely helped by having acupuncture with Anna leading up to the birth. From term I saw Anna 3 times a week. She met and showed my husband a few pressure points to aid my labour if it slowed or if I needed relaxing. He felt reassured to have a job.  The morning of, what ended up being, my last session I left with the words "ooh, it feels really low now". I started contracting that night and had a baby the next morning! Thanks Anna. Xx

Sarah-Ann -  Later in Nov 2017!

My husband and I attended a full day antenatal course hosted by Rachel. We were both impressed with her knowledge and passion and felt we learned a lot from her. She kept the day interesting and also entertaining and gave out great pieces of advice on giving birth and also on post natal aspects of having a baby. We found the course effective, worthwhile and hands on rather than just theoretical as some of these courses can be. She addressed both the practical aspects of having a baby as well as the emotional ones, not to be underestimated. Rachel is very passionate about her job and that passion really comes through. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Highly recommended.

Claudia - June 2017

I just wanted to feedback I thought Charlotte was absolutely brilliant.

I'm a social worker so I work with parents and I just think her background and personal experiences, make her come across as so down to earth and caring.

Laura - May 2017

As is the case with most first time parents, I was very nervous throughout my pregnancy. Luckily I had Rachel to answer my questions, she was always ready to listen to my problems no matter how big or small. 
The relationship I developed with Rachel meant that I went into the birth knowing I could call upon her at any time if need be. This built up my confidence and helped me to remain calm throughout.
The support didn't stop at the birth and once I was back home she visited during the first week, supporting me with breastfeeding and pointing me in the right direction. I couldn't recommend Rachel enough!

Rachel S - January 2017

We contacted Charlotte when our son was only 4 days old after we had been readmitted to hospital because of jaundice and dehydration. This happened because of a posterior tongue tie and a very uncomfortable latch which meant baby was unable to feed effectively. 

Charlotte got back to us quickly and arranged to visit us at home at a mutually agreed time.

Charlotte was extremely reassuring and efficient - the snip was done within 10 seconds and there was minimal crying. Breast feeding has improved immensely.

I would fully recommend Charlotte if you need a tongue tie dealt with, not only was she very professional, she was also very personable and reassuring to an anxious and exhausted first time mum!

Tessa - Dec 2016

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