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After flunking the first year of a naval architecture course at Newcastle university I had a complete change of direction and switched to midwifery, graduating and qualifying as a midwife at the age of 21. 

I took three months out of midwifery to experience the life of a ski bum in Aspen, Colorado.  Three months turned into three years! I did however finally drag myself back to reality and got my first job at the Whittington hospital in North London.

It was working in community midwifery that first established my love of home births and 'normal' birth (topical!) . This love was further nurtured at The John and Lizzies Birth Unit. There I was able to grow as a midwife whilst developing a strong leaning towards alternative practices, holistic care and normality. And I met Anna and Rachel!

I have always been passionate about supporting women to breastfeed. I qualified as a lactation consultant in 2011 and as a tongue tie specialist in 2015. I now run a weekly tongue tie clinic near my home in South East London.

Two babies later, three year old Rollo and one year old Laurie are here (both planned home births but as I always say, don't plan on a plan!) I am loving my midwifery practice more than ever. 

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