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Sweet sweet Thommy.

Where to start? I guess T’s Birthtale started with the birth of my first daughter – a classic birth of a “cascade of interventions” leading to a birth trauma and then a further, more

positive, cascade of experiences finding myself drawn to working in this “birth world”. Yes

with a view to help others avoid experiences like mine but also, selfishly, I think in a way to

heal myself. Second pregnancy and Birth– this was going to be different – no pressure hey ?

I’ll skip the 4years in between and land us 2months prior to due date. My pregnancy was

easy and “low risk” however my previous experience had seen me and body labelled “high

risk” for the actual birth. In the months preceding I had been told I must birth on the

obstetric ward by a local hospital . I was desperate to avoid this, not wishing to take any

steps towards repeating what happened with my first birth. I also wished my Daughter to be

present for the birth of her Sister, to bond them together and also instil in both that Birth

was a beautiful gift, not an experience to endure or fear. I wanted to birth at home feeling

safe and supported by loved ones.


All of this lead to a decision to change care provider to Lewisham hospital who were a little

more on-the-fence regarding my options. My community midwife had been reluctant to

engage however through a twist in fate, a senior community midwife covered the clinic one

day and with empathy and respect listened and said the magic words “ We will support you

in any way and anywhere you wish to birth this Baby”. What relief – finally! A referral was

then promptly made to Home Birth community midwives – specifically the Poppie Team –

who specialised in past birth trauma.


In the meantime though, the box checking had to be completed by Obstetric Team.

Appointments made with 2 separate registrars, an Obstetric Consultant and a Consultant

Midwife. All of which were to educate me of the risks I was taking regarding my body and

life. Dramatic statements thrown about – very politely mind – stretching the definition of

“informing consent” but this was their medical experience and their job to keep me safe. In

short, the statistics of a subsequent birth following a haemorrhage was that there was 14-

18% chance this would happen again. I was opting for the 82% chance that it wouldn’t.

A shield was needed in all this; someone to offer sense, experience and protection. This was

Charlotte. Writing this, I well up as I recall her support; patiently talking me through options,

the cups of tea as I agonised over my decision out aloud, the appointments she attended

with me, the literature loaned and signposted to ,and the month she would have had to

curtail any fun evening plans to be “on call” should I go into labour.


Through all of this, my stance was that there was no point in choosing a home birth if my

midwives were not confident or on board with such a decision. To feel safe to birth, my care

providers also had to feel safe and confident in the care they were providing. Enter here,

Poppie Team midwife Manuela. This woman turned everything around. Manuela believed in

physiological birth and believed that my body was capable of it. Of course back up plans had


to be made, a managed 3 rd stage, cannulation during labour, IV fluids on hand at the house,

– a robust birth plan put in place. Manuela was confident - we were good to go.

So much build up… so much pressure that this had to go right.

And right it did.


At 41 +5 Birthtale’s Anna came over for some acupuncture. An acupuncture session with

Anna is an all-round birth therapy session. You talk, you learn, you feel loved and needles

are applied to ease anxiety and encourage the body to birth easily. My appt was 7.30 and by

7.45pm the first of the surges washed in. I didn’t share this with Anna, not wishing to cause

a fuss, and she kept with her needling and left with well wishes and gifts of oils to see me

through. By 10pm, I decided I would call Charlotte just to hang out and see if these

contractions were the real thing. I was already contracting every 3 mins but clearly in denial.

Charlotte arrived and that’s when I handed over to her – I was finished thinking. Charlotte

set my Partner Max to work to fill the pool and I retreated to my bedroom with my birth

ball, TENS, music and lost myself to my breathing whilst Charlotte held my hand or applied

counter pressures through each surge.


At midnight Charlotte asked whether we should call the midwives. I still wasn’t sure this was

the real thing so thankfully Charlotte just called through anyway. Max was doing well with

the birth pool downstairs and would pop up to see if I needed anything, playing runner for

coconut water, straws, an iced muslin and at one point returning with a block of ice - he and

Charlotte both confused by this request on a cold December night (an “ice block” in

Australian is an “iced lolly” – lost in translation).


The Midwives arrived around 1pm and Babe’s heart rate checked. All going well. Cannula

inserted and pool inspected, and with the TENS no longer working its magic –it was time to

head downstairs for the action. There was a small wait to get into the pool at which I nearly

lost my rag – (midwives needing it cooler and deeper, Max arguing displacement physics

and my liking of very hot baths) and I was in – what relief!!! So good that all was forgiven

and Max invited into the pool to enjoy with me.


And it was here I found the “rest and be thankful stage”. Surges less frequent and easily

manageable. My body fully present as I felt the pressure descend and my body open. I

resisted the urge to push and just let Babe come forth. Charlotte, knowing, our wishes for

my elder daughter to be present for the birth, asked my Mother to wake her and our bleary

eyed but excited 4yo came to welcome her sister. With a wave of a surge, I pushed my body

into Max’s and out Thomasin presented her little face + a fist by her cheek. Another surge

and with the midwives encouraging a push. Thomasin’s body followed and into my arms.

I wish at this point I could say we were all overcome with the emotions that a new life brings

however this was the point of greatest risk of haemorrhage so all of us were tense. The

midwives calmly helped Thomasin and I out of the pool and onto our sofa. Syringe drawn

and an active 3 rd stage completed with a gentle tug of the placenta and we were done. No

bleed. No perineal trauma. A Healthy beautiful chunky Babe – tipping the scales at 9lbs



The evening closed with cups of tea all around, the midwives documenting, Max and Mum

clearing up, Charlotte guiding early breast feeds and my daughter Frankie nuzzling into her

little sister.


I am so incredibly grateful for all the support that empowered this birth to unfold as it did.

My body birthing my daughter exactly how it was made to do so. Present, loved and healed.

Thank you to every beautiful person who had a role in bringing this to pass.

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