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I had a normal, very speedy vaginal delivery in 2008 and a beautiful healthy daughter entered my life. In 2009, my second daughter was born but her story was so different. I ended up having an emergency C section and found it such a traumatic, harrowing experience that I still cry thinking that I nearly lost her. I had always wanted a third child but I had put it to the back of my mind as I couldn’t face having a traumatic birth again. Eventually, my desire became so strong and I fell pregnant in 2015.


Writing this now makes me realise how frightened I was during that pregnancy. I had mixed emotions about being pregnant, a strong emotion of being so grateful that I had fallen pregnant but also another which concentrated on the birth and was preventing me from enjoying being pregnant.


I sought so much advice about VBAC or Caesarean section. You feel like your failing yourself by not giving birth naturally and I really wanted to have a VBAC but the fear of ending up having an emergency Caesarean section just kept rearing its ugly head and in the end I made the decision to have an elective C section.


It was the right decision for me. Avani was born on 18th August in such a calm peaceful manner. The consultant had put me first on the list as he knew how anxious I was. The midwives and the anaesthetists were just so relaxed and I kept thinking why is no one panicking and rushing. With an elective C section, time was taken to deliver her. My wound was stitched beautifully and I held my baby girl immediately. It was a truly different experience and I am so grateful to have experienced both as I can really appreciate and recommend others to not be put off Caesarean sections.


My beautiful daughter is 20 months now and has made me such a happy mum. I love her dearly!

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